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Department introduction
Students acquire interdisciplinary and expertise to be the leaders of knowledge society by four majors across the boundaries of arts and sciences.

The Department of Management and Information consists of Business Administration Course, Public Policy Course, Data Science Course.
IT engineers without business administration knowledge, and corporate and goverment employees without data science knowledge are about to be phased out with the changing era. Familiarity with IT and statistics in addition to business administration is needed to improve business efficiency, collect data, and statistically process it with a computer when conducting business management analysis and decision-making. On the other hand, knowledge in management, accounting, and public policy in addition to IT knowledge is necessary to develop information systems for private firms and local governments as well as systems for diversifying e-money and other e-commerce. In other words, individuals who have been trained within the traditional boundaries of arts or sciences cannot take the lead in a sophisticated information society.
Against this backdrop, our department offers an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum for management (business administration, accounting, commerce and public policy) by integrating the following two disciplines. The integration of statistics and mathematical sciences helps students develop the ability to make business decisions and act based on objective data instead of seat-of-the-pants management. The additional integration of information science allows students to learn how to utilize the latest information technology for business management and also helps them acquire planning and development skills of information systems for management innovations.

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