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Unique Features
The combination of business administration and information generates an additional advantage.

The advantage our school has over general schools of business administration and schools of commerce lies in that it deals with such subjects as data processing and statistical analysis scientifically from the perspective of organizational management behavior and decision-making. In comparison with general schools of information science, our school focuses on management-related problem solving of corporate and public administration and industry support. This enables students to learn not only abstract theories but through specific concrete examples.
Students develop skills in statistical analysis that bridge management and data processing:
Our school offers special curriculum to ensure that its students acquire skills in statistical analysis to extract valuable information from various data and examine its meaning. Individuals equipped with skills in management, data processing, and statistical analysis are highly prized by a variety of fields ranging from such private sectors as IT industry, financial institutions, and manufacturers, as well as non-profit organizations such as medical institutions, welfare facilities and local governments.
We offer a practical basic curriculum that meets the demands of a globalized information society:
Computer knowledge and practical language skills are essential in today's information-oriented globalized business world. The faculty building is equipped with over 120 computers in three computer rooms to offer our students a basic curriculum to acquire fundamental computer skills. Based on the belief that English communication skills are of the utmost importance, we offer English classes that focus on the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).



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