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Curriculum Composition
Curriculum to clarify student's qualities and courses step by step and to acquire the ability to lead to the future.

The subject system of this department consists of "undergraduate basic subject" and "specialized education subject", "seminar", "teaching subject", and "university common subject".

Undergraduate Basic subject (compulsory subject)

Students will learn the basic knowledge and techniques about "management", "publlic policy", "information technology" and "mathematics" by taking "undergraduate basic subjects" in the 1st and 2nd year. The "undergraduate basic course" also includes English subjects that correspond to TOEIC exam preparation measures.


Professional Education subject (elective subject)

Professional education subjects are mainly composed of four fields of "management", "publlic policy", "information technology" "mathematics", all of which are elective subjects. In order to graduate, students are required to pass about 40 courses selected according to the course selection from among them.
  • Management Subject: Subjects to acquire management skills.
  • Public Policy Subjects: Subjects to acquire policy planning skills.
  • Information Technology Subjects: Subjects to acquire information processing skills.
  • Mathematics Subjects´╝ÜSubjects to acquire mathematical analytical skills.
  • Complex Subjects: Boundary subjects in each field.



The seminar is a small specialized class. Students will make presentations, discussions and research at seminars. Students can take the basic seminar from the first year to the second year. This seminar is a great opportunity to know the actual atmosphere of the seminar as preparation for a full-scale seminar activity starting from the third year. After this basic seminar, students are assigned to seminars and laboratories of faculty members in the "Business Administration Field", "Public Policy Field" and "Information Technology Field" at the end of the second year. The seminars and laboratory decisions are determined by respecting the intent and enthusiasm of individual students to the utmost and having interviews with faculty members in charge. Through seminar activities, students will conduct graduation research in the fourth year.

  • Business Administration Field
    • In this field, students will conduct research on company management, management strategy, accounting system, marketing etc.
  • Public Policy Field
    • In this field, students will conduct research on management in local governments, medical institutions, welfare facilities, non-profit organizations.
  • Information Technology Field
    • In this field, students will conduct research on information system development, information strategy, data science, simulation and so on.


Teaching subject

For teaching subjects, it is necessary to take courses only for students who wish to acquire teacher's license.


University Common subject

Our university offers a variety of liberal arts subjects beyond the boundaries of undergraduate departments. By attending these subjects, students will have broad knowledge and perspectives as specialized professionals and can develop judgment and ethical feelings that can be adapted to the modern society. In this department, students need to take six subjects and pass in order to graduate.


Credit transfer system

In accordance with the needs of students who wish to acquire a wide range of education, students can also take courses of other departments of our university (approval of teachers in charge is required). In the case students take subjects, they will be certified as specialized education subjects up to 8 credits. In addition, the credit transfer agreement is implemented between our school and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shizuoka University. In the case students take subjects, they will be certified as specialized education subjects up to 12 credits.


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