School of Management and Information
  The School of Management and Information aims to produce good leaders who can properly manage various organizations including business corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and medical institutions in a complicated modern society using information technology and data science. Therefore, we offer an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines business and public administration with mathematical, statistical and information sciences.
Graduate School of Management and Information of Innovation
  In recent years, a global information revolution, such as the popularization of the Internet, is taking place and is changing the way people behave. It has become a major issue for modern society to utilize these new technologies for business and government administration. Therefore, there is a pressing call for leaders who have a strong will to innovate the management system by using Information Communication Technology. Also there is a call for engineers who can develop information systems supporting the activities of various organizations.
  The Graduate School of Management and Information of Innovation(Division of Management and Information of Innovation: Doctoral program and Master's program) aims to train experts who can respond to these needs. The Graduate School also offers a curriculum which can expand and deepen their knowledge of "management" and "information" for working people.

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